Web Apps

Web portal

We develop websites that dynamically interact with the users with the help of intuitive UIs and a wealth of functionalities. Our comprehensive services include designing and implementing dedicated solutions in line with the latest technological standards. By using the latest programming frameworks, we not only ensure continuity, but also the highest level of security. Our websites are scalable and flexible, and can be easily expanded and adapted to shifting needs. We pay attention to the smallest of details, which guarantees that our websites are visually attractive, quick-loading, responsive and accessible. We also offer technical support and the option to continue to develop and modify your website, which allows us to dynamically respond to your changing needs. 

Management Systems

We specialise in implementing content management systems for websites that allow easy and effective management of content using a web browser. We make use of the most popular platforms, including WordPress and Drupal, expanding them with our proprietary solutions that greatly extend their functionalities. We also develop dedicated management systems for cases that are not covered by our ready-made solutions. Implementing a management system involves its installation and configuration, user training and technical support, all to ensure their optimal use of the system by the client. When implementing content management systems, we focus a great deal on their security and resilience. 


We design innovative web apps that are perfectly adapted to everything that you need. Our offering encompasses a range of services centred around developing dedicated apps, from gathering requirements to the design, development, implementation and technical support. We use the latest technologies and programming tools, to offer you our best possible quality, stability and maximum data security. Thanks to our apps, you can optimise your business processes, boost your productivity and increase your customer service quality.  

Intranet and Extranet Systems

We develop advanced intranet and extranet systems that guarantee effective communication and internal and external management for businesses and organisations. Our solutions encompass a complete range of functionalities, including document, schedule, task and HR management modules.

By using cloud-based solutions, we ensure flexibility and scalability. Our wealth of experience in developing such systems for different businesses and organisations from various areas, including finance, education and medicine, enables us to always offer you the best possible solutions for the processes you wish to move online. Our systems are intuitive, which means that the users can adapt quickly and require only minimal training. In addition, we offer full technical support and regular updates that ensure our systems always meet the latest business standards and requirements.