Mobile Apps

Dedicated Apps

We develop mobile apps featuring various contents and functionalities, which we adapt to your individual needs. From business to education and entertainment, our design team is ready to work on projects from all kinds of areas. When developing mobile apps, we pay attention to the tiniest details to provide an excellent user experience. We carefully select the technologies we use for every project in order to guarantee responsiveness and minimise battery use. Our apps meet the WCAG standards, which means that they are also adapted for disabled users, ensuring optimal accessibility and usability. 

Mobile Guides

We design mobile multimedia guides that support the presentation of nearby attractions to users in an innovative way. Our solutions ensure a rich and interactive experience for visitors, allowing them to personalise their routes and access additional information, including videos, audio recordings and photographs. Our apps are compatible with various platforms and operating systems, as well as being capable of adapting to shifting user expectations and preferences. In this way, places and attractions become ever more captivating to the visitors, increasing their engagement and satisfaction. Our multimedia guides can be made to suit all kinds of industries and places in order to satisfy different needs and expectations.

Content Management System

Our applications come with a built-in content management system that allows you to easily update them. This approach helps you to avoid the time-consuming process of publishing changes in mobile shops, while all the content is automatically retrieved from the server to which it is uploaded. Another advantage of this solution is the small size of the mobile app, which dynamically retrieves content while runningCMS systems for mobile apps also offer extensive statistics that allow you to gauge the popularity of the content you publish. 

Integration with Third-party Systems

When designing mobile apps, we focus a great deal on integrating them with various third-party systems, including the cloud services offered by Google and Amazon and authorisation systems, such as Active Directory, as well as providing full support for social media platforms. In this way, users can use their existing login credentials, making our apps more convenient and accessible. Our solutions ensure seamless and bug-free integration with third-party systems, allowing for effective data transfers and capitalising on the functionalities they offer. We adapt our integrations to your particular needs and requirements, ensuring full compatibility and data security. We support authorisation and authentication processes, guaranteeing data protection and boosting user security.